There are many compromises that couples have to make when setting up home together, blending their different styles and tastes into the most important room in the house – the kitchen, is often the most problematic.  My niece and her partner are busy renovating their new home and their kitchen is the next big project.  I had assumed that they would both want to have a very contemporary kitchen but my niece favours a more traditional kitchen style, while her partner wants all out minimalist modern!  It is going to be their first big style compromise on the house renovation project.

So I have suggested that they come into the Beau-Port showrooms and ‘test drive’ some of our contemporary and traditional style kitchens.  It is great to have so many real life size kitchens in the showroom and in a setting that actually makes them feel as though they are within a home. They can sit in the various kitchens, relax and have a cup of coffee while Mark guides them through the various options that will satisfy both their style requirements.

Charleston Grey Shaker Kitchen - Beau-Port Kitchens.

Charleston Grey Shaker Kitchen – Beau-Port Kitchens.

Our beautiful Charleston Grey Shaker kitchen, handmade by craftsmen in Britain might be an option, satisfying my niece’s desire for something more traditional, yet with its coloured glass splashbacks,  Caesarstone worktops and clean oak framed island, it also has a contemporary look that will appeal to her partner.  With the addition of one of our Mercury Range Cookers the blend of traditional and the contemporary is complete.

Rotpunkt Dia White High Gloss Kitchen

This is our Rotpunkt Dia White High Gloss Kitchen at our 2000sqft showroom in Bentworth, Hampshire.

However, once my niece sees our Rotpunkt Contemporary German style kitchens in our showroom, she may be drawn more to that style and I think she will like both the Dia White High Gloss and the Alpine and Lucido kitchen styles, which would all look great in the space they have available in their new home.

Mark is looking forward to helping and guiding my niece and partner towards making the best choices to satisfy their individual tastes. He is an expert at bringing a blend of styles together that really work.  Mark has decades of experience when helping couples with diverse taste to create a kitchen that they will both love, enjoy and will work for them and a growing family.

Maybe it is because we are all obsessed with kitchens here at Beau-Port Kitchens, that every time we see a kitchen featured on a TV programme we are looking at it with our professional eyes.  One of the most attractive kitchens I have seen on TV in recent times has been the one used by the delicious Paul Hollywood and the delightful Mary Berry on their ‘Easter Master Class’ programme recently.

I thought it looked familiar and suddenly realised that the kitchen had been featured on the front of one of my favourite magazines ‘The English Home’.

The English Home Magazine.

The English Home Magazine.

I had to do a quick check out of the background details – yes the same AGA, the same dark granite worktops, the same painted wood, taps and ornamental objects scattered around this beautiful kitchen which is at Rockley Manor in Wiltshire and is used for all sorts of interesting events and as a film location,  probably one of the most tastefully decorated places I have ever seen, available for weddings, functions and lots of other fun events which I would love to attend – frankly I would love to just move into the place and live in such refined elegance – preferably with the dough kneading Mr Hollywood!

Paul Hollywood

Mr Hollywood and Mrs Berry have encouraged a nation to get out their baking bowls, roll up their sleeves to sift, blend and knead.

With all the great food programmes currently on the TV, it is easy to become just an ‘armchair’ cook – but there is something quite reassuring about the way baking has come back into fashion.  There is nothing more welcoming than coming back home to the smells of fresh bread baking or a Victoria sponge straight out of the oven.  Mr Hollywood and Mrs Berry have encouraged a nation to get out their baking bowls, roll up their sleeves to sift, blend and knead.  Paul Hollywood claims kneading bread is even a cure for the dreaded ‘bingo wings’ on the arms – he obviously does not have that problem!  I think he has a point – baking in the comfort of our own kitchens can be much more fun than a trip to the gym.

Rockley Manor

The Rockley Manor as seen on the “Easter Master Class” on BBC 2.

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