Before TV dramas were sponsored by detergent companies and gaining the name of ‘Soaps’, they were referred to as ‘kitchen sink dramas’.  Most of the action in any home seems to happen in and around the kitchen, which is the hub of every household and probably the most used room in the house.  Most of our mother’s generation would probably agree that the majority of family dramas happened around the kitchen sink and they would lay claim to the fact that they spent most of their time at their sinks!

Even the advent of the labour-saving dishwasher still has not released us from the kitchen sink and it is still an integral and very important part of any kitchen.

A couple of decades ago, in a previous life, I worked for a well-known property developer – one of the first to build houses that included a very high (for the time) specification, especially in their kitchens.  The choices were not vast then and included stainless steel or moulded plastic feeling sinks that would stain easily.

Stainless steel has stood the test of time and is still an effective material that has now been shaped into many wonderful new designs that look particularly good in a contemporary setting.

But like everything else to do with kitchens, the choice in sinks has now grown enormously,  with a vast range available from Beau-Port Kitchen’s Sink Store and now include materials such as glass in a choice of colours.

Granite is not only popular as a work surface, a range of granite sinks is now available in a range of gorgeous colours including polar white, graphite, onyx, coffee, champagne and oatmeal.  The range on offer from Beau-Port Kitchens includes sanitized granite which contains tiny silver molecules that help to prevent bacteria growing on its surface – plus they have a 50 year guarantee.

Belfast style sinks are also another great option and again look good in both a traditional or contemporary style kitchen and they have a 50 year guarantee too.  Accessories such as built-in soap dispensers and roll mat protectors are also available.

If you want to make your kitchen sink dramas more interesting have a chat with Mark at Beau-Port who can guide you to the best options.

When I moved into my house nine years ago I inherited the worst kitchen tap ever – with an old-fashioned turn handle for both hot and cold – it dripped, got stuck, was difficult to turn off and on and was generally a real pain!  Probably because it was such a pain I realised just how often I would need to use it – I believe the average number of times a kitchen tap is used in a day is over thirty times – so 30 daily sessions of frustration – until I had it changed and in a small way it changed the quality of my life.

Now a few years on I can see how the world of taps has grown and expanded and there are now so many options available through our Beau-Port Kitchens website which hosts a Kitchen Tap Store. It is time for an upgrade in my kitchen and I am tempted by so many of the choices that Beau-Port now has available.

Franke Olympus Tap.

Franke Olympus Tap.

Just taking a look at the standard types of taps there is a wide range of elegant contemporary and traditional taps to choose from – with an extensive selection made by Franke including the Olympus, with is the most popular of its kind and would look good in any modern or traditional kitchen.  I like the idea of a pull out nozzle tap and Franke’s Centinox (Edit: Now discontinued) has a practical pull out spout with flexible hose, very useful for quickly clearing the sink, cleaning salads and other practical stuff.

Franke Centinox Tap. With pull out nozzle.

Franke Centinox Tap. With pull out nozzle.

My other favourite tap idea is the Boiling Hot Water Tap – as a constant tea maker, regularly filling the kettle up all day, this would be a bonus and time saver for me and free up my kitchen work surface from the kettle.  I seem to have to replace kettles annually as these high-powered noisy modern kettles just don’t seem to last – so the idea of a boiling hot water tap could save me money too.

Franke Minerva Kettle Tap.

Franke Minerva Kettle Tap.

When I look at the range of kitchen taps that Beau-Port has I feel like ‘a kid in a candy store’ and just can’t make up my mind, so I will seek advice from Mark, our resident expert on all things to do with the kitchen.

Handmade English Pantry from

One of the things I loved the most about visiting my grandmother in her Irish farmhouse was the joy of exploring her walk-in pantry and the smell of fresh churned butter, home-made soda bread and looking at her jars of home preserves lined up neatly on unreachable gingham cloth lined shelves.  Ever since then I have longed for a pantry and have to admit to feeling a sense of envy when I recently interviewed one of Beau-Port’s clients who has one.  But not everyone has the space for a walk-in pantry or larder but Mark at Beau-Port has been telling me about the company’s plans to create the ultimate free-standing pantries that can be tailored to fit any space in any kitchen or utility room – all handmade and installed for you into your kitchen.  Plus these beautifully crafted pieces of fine English furniture can be taken with you when you move.

The new venture will be called The English and will offer three size options of pantry with three front style options, with up to 20 colours to choose from for those who want the painted look, or pantries can be left in their natural oak and or with character oak panels showing the knots and grain of the wood.  There will be a large number of components available for inside each pantry, so it will be carefully and thoughtfully tailored to fit your needs.

Each pantry will be made to order to fit the size of space you have available and will be delivered, assembled and installed 6 weeks after ordered.

I am currently looking at possible spaces in my kitchen for my new pantry – my grandmother would be so pleased to know that at last I will have one of my own!  Like the Beau-Port Kitchens it will be a joyful investment for something special that will last a lifetime and move with me wherever I go.

The new website will be coming soon so keep an eye on the main Beau-Port website for news or contact Mark at Beau-Port (or comment below) to register your interest.

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