Space has energy of its own and that energy can be restricted by bad design, objects blocking natural walkways and not enough thought going into how the space needs to be used.  All of these problems were inherited by one of Beau-Port’s clients who had moved into a beautiful house in Hampshire, which had a kitchen with three doorways leading into and out of the kitchen, a large set of French doors and a door to a walk in larder.


In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White

Thankfully Mark loves a challenge and successfully designed out all of these problems without having to move a single doorway!  Understanding how energy flows around space and objects takes the eye of an expert and one with experience in problem solving.   The client now has a kitchen that not only helps her go ‘with the flow’ but all of her family too.  It has even helped her with her need to be territorial around the food preparation area.  Mark created a separate area in the kitchen with another sink, wine cooler, tea and coffee preparation area and all next to the fridge freezer.  So when our client’s teenage children tumble into the kitchen looking for snacks and drinks, she is able to keep them at bay and away from her kitchen preparation central island area.


In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White – This shows Beau-Ports custom dress unit with top and bottom cupboards, soft-close drawers and bespoke wine rack.

A special dresser unit was also designed close to the food preparation area for recipe books and an old broom cupboard has been turned into a phone booth, complete with the owner’s vintage telephone.

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