Remember the days of tiled worktops and all the frustration of keeping the tiles and grouting clean? Thank heavens that fashion is long gone and there are now a huge range of options for our work surfaces. At Beau-Port we are finding that the Wharf Select seamless worktops are proving to be very popular with our clients – wonderful, endless, uncluttered, uninterrupted open space of with absolutely no joins – total bliss after all the scrubbing of grout and joints!

When I first saw the Wharf worktops I had to stop myself from running my hands across the smooth surface as it is such a tactile material made from Acrylic and has a wide range of colour and pattern finishes that can link into any kitchen colour scheme ranging from soft, pale muted pastels through neutral shades and patterned, flecked, stone and marbled finishes to the deepest, darkest shades with names like Cloudy, Gravel, Hazelnut and Indigo Blue.

I used to wonder about all the bugs that lurked in all of that tile grout but this non-porous hygienic surface is resistant to moisture, bacteria and staining – which is a dream to work on. No more worrying about spills of wine, beetroot juice, turmeric or oils so you can make a real mess without leaving any stains.

Take a look at our project or showroom sections on our website or give Mark or Jacob a call at our showroom to discuss worktop options and they will be happy to send you a Wharf brochure, which features beautiful photography of one of our very own Beau-Port fitted kitchens.

Bosch VeroBar 300 Fully Automatic bean-to cup coffee machine. TES71129RW.

Beau-Port Welcomes You with the Aroma Of Fresh Coffee!

You just have to take a walk along any High Street in any town to see the abundance of coffee shops that have sprung up over recent years, to realise the allure of the aroma of fresh ground and freshly made coffee.  While pubs are closing across the country, the new way to meet up with friends and family is to meet for a coffee.  However, like the trip to the pub it can be a costly social event but we have a really cost-effective solution – to give you the ability to produce the same high-end, delicious coffee that you would pay pounds for at a coffee shop, but in the comfort of your own home and to have the divine flavour and aroma of the fresh coffee whenever you want and at a fraction of the price of a shop bought coffee.

As a new retailer of the Bosch range of bean-to-coffee machines we have a wide range of options and just think that your savings on coffee shop drinks will soon pay for one of these state of the art machines that will fill your home with the welcoming aroma of fresh coffee for a long time to come.

Take a look at the full range on-line or better still come and visit our showroom at Bentworth.

Ruark R1 Deluxe Tabletop Radio

The Aston Martin of Radios.

Exciting news for all of us here at Beau-Port and for our customers – we have recently become stockists for Ruark music systems which range from this cute contemporary DAB R1 radio up to their redefined Ruark R7 Radiograms with a range of integrated music systems in between.

The Sunday Telegraph described this award-winning radio as ‘the Aston Martin of DAB radios’ – with all of the RUARK products having exceptional award-winning sound quality and comes in Rich Walnut, Dream White and Midnight Black – so a colour of finish to fit in with any interior setting and at £179.99 could make an ideal Christmas gift or new year house gift.  It also has the option of exquisitely crafted carry-case and battery-pack.

Ruark R4i Integrated Music System

Integrated music system.

This Ruark R4i integrated music system with iPod dock and multi features also comes in a range of finishes including  Walnut, also in Dream White Lacquer and Midnight Black Lacquer – stunning British contemporary retro design and audio quality that will astound – the perfect house gift for Christmas from £599.99.  Sharing the sweet sounds of these award-winning British designed and engineered music systems could be the perfect way to have a gift that all the family will enjoy.

The Ruark sound systems can be integrated into our kitchens or can be purchased separately.


In the last five years there has been a 13% increase in the numbers of employees working from home and now there is even a National Work from Home Day! There is now around four million home based working employees and many millions more who occasionally work from home, plus a further 2 million home-based privately owned businesses and that clearly demonstrates a growing trend and culture change.

So where do a lot of these home workers actually work from?  The days of working from the garden shed on an old table are long gone and home workers are looking for a more professional environment and furniture, yet something that doesn’t look out-of-place or too corporate in a home environment.

Beau-Port Kitchens and Interiors has just recently finished installing a beautiful home-office/study area in their showrooms which shows just how streamline an elegant a home office, study or even a corner of a kitchen or living area can look.

In just a few decades the attitude to working from home has changed enormously, with freelance consultants initially feeling as though they had to ‘hide’ their home working behind ‘virtual offices’.  Today the practice of working from home has flourished, thanks to changing attitudes by employers and the development of new technologies.

Home workers want to be comfortable, work efficiently and above all look and feel professional and organised in their work space, wherever it can be located in the house or even in a well-built exterior office in the garden and the right furniture helps to create the perfect working environment.  Come and take a look at our new home study/office at our 2000 sq ft showroom.  We also design and install beautiful furniture for media rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

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