Beau-Port's July Etc. Magazine advert using photos from their Day project.

Whenever you see a Beau-Port project promoted in the media, you will see a real kitchen or interior, not a manufacturer’s brochure shot – as some companies use. This allows us to show prospective clients real kitchens and interiors that have been designed for their real lives – not showroom shots.

Whenever you see a Beau-Port advert or an editorial in the interiors section of a lifestyle magazine, you will see a real project that has been completed with great care and attention to detail.  They are always photographed by leading property photographer Peter Wright, who captures every angle, appliance and feature of each project.  These give our prospective clients a good idea of the range and quality of the projects we work on.

Detailed Case Studies on the Beau-Port website, that feature these projects, also give future clients an insight into how we work with clients and our Kitchen Projects section shows the full range of photography of each project – almost like a virtual tour where you can see each project from varying angles.

The Beau-Port design team of Mark Johnson and his son Jacob, design each project with the client’s lifestyle in mind and how they want the project to enhance the way they live.

So if you are planning a new project on your home, then take a few minutes to explore some of the projects that we have completed.  These few minutes could give you a better idea of what you would like to achieve with the space you have.  We can then help you to make the most of that space by designing a real project that fits perfectly with your real life.

Just one example of our hand crafted, made in britain furniture. This kitchen features all hand crafted furniture with a wonderful bespoke range cooker canopy.

The days when extractor fans were a necessity to be hidden away are long gone.  Now they are functional appliances that have become the new striking feature of the kitchen, with their almost sculptural form either suspended from the centre of the ceiling above an independent island, or creating an eye-catching feature angled on a wall in black or white glass.

The Franke Active Swing hood in stainless steel. An example of one of the many interesting 45 degree hood designs, used to great effect on Beau-Port's Rotpunkt project.

The Franke Active Swing hood in stainless steel. An example of one of the many interesting 45 degree hood designs, used to great effect on Beau-Port’s Rotpunkt project.

We have installed some stunning extractors onto recent projects including a Franke Active ‘swing’ hood into one of our Rotpunkt contemporary German kitchens that really enhances the look of the whole kitchen as it is neatly angled above one of our Mercury ranges.

The Elica Galaxy hood with white glass detailing . Used on Beau-port's Bowler project over a island Mercury range cooker.

The Elica Galaxy hood with white glass detailing . Used on Beau-port’s Bowler project over an island Mercury range cooker.

Central islands have become very popular and many of our clients want to position their ranges or hobs and cookers on the island so they can chat to guests while cooking.  This has worked well for our client Jo Bowler who chose a stainless steel extractor hood that is suspended over the kitchen island and is a feature in itself, adding to the contemporary theme and look of the whole kitchen, living and dining area – see the whole range of photographs of this under our Kitchen Projects section.

We also have numerous tube island and tube wall extractors to choose from and chimney style hoods that add to the industrial look trend that is so popular.

Thinking about where you will have your cooker or range sited in your kitchen can make a huge difference to how the kitchen will ultimately look and work.  Beau-Port designers Mark and Jacob get to know exactly how clients want to use the space and advise them on the best place to site the cooking and preparation areas.

With our Shaker, modern and traditional kitchens Mark and Jacob design tailor-made canopies which are a feature in themselves with built-in extractor hoods.  Explore the Appliances section of our website and see the full range of Franke extractor hoods and our other appliances by Bosch and Siemens.

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