A new study from the International Longevity Centre suggests that up to a third of home-owners aged over 55 are considering or are expected to downsize.   The figure is considerably higher if those who have already sold their homes and bought somewhere smaller are included – as high as one in two or almost 50%.

The benefits of down sizing your home can mount up to a long list, including the lower costs of maintaining a smaller home, releasing equity to travel, or to buy a holiday home or just to have the funds to enjoy a whole range of hobbies and pastimes.

With more and more people in this age group realising that downsizing can be a great opportunity to have less house and garden maintenance, lower utility, local rates bills and insurance premiums – all adding up to considerable financial savings.

This group may now have empty nested with grown up children now living their own lives in their own homes.  Yet the prospect of downsizing can be such an exciting and rewarding time giving purchasers both the funds and the desire to make their move into a smaller property an opportunity to have exactly what they want in that new home.

At Beau-Port we have had numerous down sizing clients who have the time and funds to invest in the kitchens and interiors projects that they really want, often viewing the smaller properties as their forever homes, so they are looking for quality, style, value and good service.

Moving into a smaller home, with possibly a smaller kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise on storage space either.  Our designers are skilled at making the most of every available piece of space, with ingenious solutions creating extra storage. We fitted out a relatively small kitchen in a period character cottage, having to use the original ‘footprint’ for the kitchen layout, yet our designers created a great deal of additional storage space.

Also the creation of multi-function rooms can help those downsizing to have a greater sense of space with the trend for more open plan living combining kitchen, dining and living spaces. We have also helped clients to make the most of their upstairs accommodation, with one project combining a spacious dressing room that was combined to also be a very professional looking home office.

So for those who are considering downsizing, or who have recently moved home, take a look at our new digital brochure which will show you a whole range of inspiring kitchens and interiors projects we have completed.  You can download our digital brochure by clicking on this link.

Home improvements.

Last year a survey by the National Association of Estate Agents revealed the top home improvements that could add the best value to your property.  Adding a bedroom, usually by converting loft space was quoted as being the best modification, with a third of respondents suggesting a new kitchen added the best value.

Conservatories and converting garages into living space also came high on the list.

At Beau-Port we work closely with our clients to make the most of their home improvements, helping them to achieve the best projects for all areas of their homes, not just kitchens but utility, laundry and boot rooms, fitted bedroom furniture for bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk in wardrobes, home offices and media rooms.

But the room that always comes top of the list in terms of adding other kinds of value such as improved lifestyle, comfort, appeal and saleability always seems to be the kitchen.  Especially the new trend towards having open plan kitchens which combine dining and living space.

The kitchen has always been seen as the heart of the home and improvements to this important area are not only in terms of the value that may be added to the property, but also about the improvements to the quality of life.

Mrs Bowlers central island allows her guests and family to sit around her while she prepares the meals.

Mrs Bowler’s central island allows her guests and family to sit around her while she prepares the meals.

At Beau-Port so many of our clients feed back the other important values and advantages of having a new kitchen – how much more time they spend together as a couple or family.  Someone can be cooking dinner, while children sit around a central island doing home-work, or friends can sit there and chat to the cook, who is no longer isolated in another room remote from the living and dining areas.  Some of the adjacent living areas can range from a few cosy seats by a patio door overlooking a garden, to more spacious living areas with wood burning stoves, huge comfortable sofas and wide-screen TV’s installed in one of our Beau-Port designed media centres.

These are special spaces that are bringing families back together again and as one of our clients commented: “Mark’s initial designs were amazing, he understood exactly what I wanted and it was great to see the 3D designs and his great attention to every detail.  He has created a kitchen that is the heart of the home and where everyone could relax and enjoy the space together.  It has really changed the way we live.  The family gathers around the central island and my children are spending more time with me and together, rather than in their respective bedrooms.”  Jo Bowler

So it’s not only about the possible increase in value or saleability that a new kitchen or interiors project could give you, it can be about a whole range of other more meaningful values and benefits!

Beau-Port Showroom in Bentworth near Alton, Hampshire

It is extraordinary how far people will travel to get the right thing.  Even in this age of internet shopping, purchasers still value the importance of actually going to see and try out the things they want to buy, especially the higher value purchases connected to home improvements, such as new kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom furniture and other items of furniture.

They then also have a better idea of the quality of the products and also very importantly the service they will received.  When investing in any major projects on your home, it is essential that you find the right products, best quality, service, value and affordability, plus the right people to work with who you feel you can trust to do the very best job.

It is always good to do some thorough research and get out there and see, touch and experience the products, especially when planning a new kitchen. With our numerous full scale kitchen displays our clients can really get a true feeling of how their kitchen or interiors project would look and feel – and that is well worth the journey. We are also able to show them our extensive and inspiring photographic library of projects and case studies. (Many of these can be seen by downloading our new digital brochure – just click here)

At Beau-Port we have visitors coming to see our 2000 sq ft showroom from our main areas of operation along and close to the A31 from Guildford, Farnham, Alton, Four Marks, Alresford and Winchester. To the east clients come from along the A3 corridor from Petersfield up towards Hindhead and Haslemere, as well as from the surrounding areas and villages around all of these towns.

We have also completed successful projects in South Coast locations as well as in London, with a new project about to start on a development of new build homes in Wiltshire, as well also working very closely with a number of builders, property developers and architects.

It is great being in such a central location with excellent road connections and this has helped us to be able to efficiently service clients across the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and beyond.

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