Beau-Port produced this custom drink centre behind a bespoke, oak roller shutter. It incorporated a shallow shelf as well as power sockets and vertically mounted LED strip lights.

Beau-Port’s approach to kitchen design also encompasses all the additional elements, features, appliances, bespoke individual pieces of furniture and latest products that will enhance your lifestyle.

“Our kitchen designs are not just about getting the right design and installing our high-quality furniture,” commented Beau-Port designer Jacob Johnson.  “The finishing touches and features that we can design into the project, can also help to make the new space totally unique.  We can include additional design features and new products that really do enhance our client’s quality of life.”

  1. Boiling Tap by Quooker – one of the most useful new products on the market today!  Beau-Port has installed a number of boiling taps’ for clients who can throw out the kettle, free up more worktop space and save time on constantly filling kettles. You will also ever use exactly the amount of water you need instead of overfilling a kettle. They are also more energy efficient than more kettles and over a year will cost less in electricity.
  2. Shutters that hide away a drinks preparation area – This is such a neat idea and even if you have a boiling tap, it is still a great way for storing your pots of tea, coffee machine, sugar, mugs etc., out of sight.  Beau-Port has installed shutter fronted storage with both wooden and also in a metal finish to complement both contemporary and traditional styles of kitchen. (see photo at top of article that shows the wooden version of the shutter – also showing the Falmec Twister extractor – see text below)
3. Falmec Twister E.Ion Extractor hood – Beau-Port has installed a number of these multi-purpose extractor appliances in both contemporary and traditional style kitchens.  This cutting edge Italian designed extractor is also an air purifier and looks like a very elegant modern light.

Cruickshank Media centre, created by Beau-Port Kitchens as a custom commission.

Cruickshank Media centre, created by Beau-Port Kitchens as a custom commission.

  4. Music while you work, rest, play – our Beau-Port designers have been busy designing and creating various sizes of music centres for clients, from free standing smaller media centres, some with a backlighting feature and larger media centres with extensive storage and display shelving. Beau-Port is also a stockist for the award-winning Ruark brand of hi-fi and digital radios.

Seamless worktops blend into a sink and up onto window sills, with shutter storage for hot drinks.

5. Seamless worktops – Here is a comment from one of our very satisfied customers on the benefits of seamless worktops:  ”I really love the Wharf worktops, they are totally seamless and also blend into the moulded sink, create splash backs on the wall units and even over the window sills and are so easy to keep clean. I particularly like the warm feel of the worktops and they go so well with the contemporary kitchen units,” said Jo Bowler of Hampshire.

6.  Contrasting materials – our skilled designers at Beau-Port can assess and suggest to clients a vast range of interesting materials, creating the right look and feel to their new kitchen.  Their product knowledge and expertise also help them to create unique kitchen designs using contrasting materials such as a stainless steel central island with a contrasting painted oak breakfast bar.

A recent project completed by Beau-Port showing contrasting materials and under-seat storage.

7. Bespoke individual pieces of furniture to complement your new kitchen, living, dining space. Beau-Port can design and manufacture a very wide range of individual bespoke pieces of furniture to complement clients’ new kitchens, dining, living space and for other parts of the home.

8.  Hidden storage – under seat store/shelving. Our designers know how to make the most of every available piece of space and understand the value of useful additional storage.  Under seating, storage is one great example of this.  A recent Beau-Port designed kitchen in a new eco-house featured a seat, strategically positioned to make the most of the magnificent views, that offered both comfort and useful storage.


9.  Laundry Box on wheels – Beau-Port will often be commissioned to also design and install new utility, laundry, boot rooms in addition to new kitchens.  Design Director Mark Johnson came up with an ingenious idea for one client, to create a wooden laundry box on wheels, that would fit perfectly into the utility room units and could be conveniently and easily rolled out and positioned close to the washing machine when required. 10.

10. LED lighting – clever lighting creates mood and warmth to all areas of the home and these delicate strips of lighting can enhance any area of the home.  Beau-Port has incorporated them into kitchen designs, running just under the edge of worktops, around a curved breakfast bar and in other areas of the home including inside the wardrobes of their new bedroom furniture range.

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